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Contributing to Turf.js

· by Justin Zimmerman · Read in about 1 min · (162 Words)
Turf.js JavaScript GIS

Over the winter I was able to spend some free time assisting with the development of the Turf.js project!

This was a very rewarding experience that has allowed me to better grasp some very important topics:

Test Driven Development

Test driven development is one of the most powerful concepts I picked up while working with Turf. Turf uses the Tape testing environment, and just like turf, focuses on being lightweight and fast.


Good documentation is hard. Thanks to Tom, Morgan, Lyzi at Mapbox for providing amazing documentation for Turf, and turf would be a very different community without the substantial work completed.


It is so cool that Turf is modular, branching all of its separate components into different modules is simple, lightweight, and fast! The added benefit is that it helps with error checking as well as the many other benefits of abstraction on projects.

Thanks so much to the Turf team for the wonderful learning experiences they have provided.