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Justin Zimmerman

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I recently switched from BASH (Bourne Again SHell) to ZSH after hearing about z shell’s many benefits. The main benefits for me were better autocompletion, and file globbing, and better autocorrection. I spent quite a few weekends doing research on whether to switch or not, and finally I bit the bullet. Installing ZSH with Homebrew While this isn’t necessary, it’s incredibly straightforward to do. The default version of ZSH shipped with OSX is 5.0.2.

Recently released to the world a wonderful terminal built with JavaScript / HTML / CSS called HyperTerm. Even better yet, this terminal is fully customizable with open source plugins. I’m not one to change my development environment constantly, but this electron app was simple to install on OSX and even easier to customize programmatically. My hope is to demo how simple it is to get started with HyperTerm, and show how I only added a few lines to the configuration file to have a terminal I enjoy to use.

Hack Reactor Week 12

The realization that Week 12 has finally come to an end is definitely bitter-sweet. I have spent over 11 hours a day for the past 12 weeks learning Full-Stack Software Engineering. While I am looking forward getting back to a regular sleep schedule, I have learned more than I could imagine, and met many amazing people along the way. Week 12 consisted of finalizing resumes, creating cover letters, and preparing for the job search ahead.

With our product, Bestrida, to MVP (Minimum Viable Product) we will continue to improve our MVP features, as well as the look and feel of product, for the remainder of the week. Design Our product finally received a much needed design overhaul, and we are definitely happy with the result: Stretch Goals As you can see in the above image, we are able to pull from the Strava API segment effort data for the user to view additional metrics on how well they performed during their effort.

Hack Reactor Week 10

With Thesis moving along very nicely, here is what happened in week 10! Authentication One of the challenges faced this week during thesis is removing API keys from the client side. With a mobile application, you should consider all of your code accessible for the world to see. This would allow for any user to view your API’s secret key allowing other user’s to make (potentially) malicious requests to the API.