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Hack Reactor Week 7

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Hack Reactor

Week 7 was the first week of “project phase” in Hack Reactor. We will go through 6 weeks of group work to become better engineers in team environments.


The term greenfield comes from the engineering world, to refer to a blank slate, a “green field” ready to be built upon.

This was my first experience working with a team of four to complete a functioning project. While I greatly enjoyed working in a team environment, there were a few hiccups that we encountered and have learned from along the way.

My understanding of git was taken to an entire new level. This was a great experience in to learning the intricacies of git workflow and project management.

My team developed Access. We used the MEAN stack to store and display crowd-sourced handicapped accessibility information for venues. We hope that with a little more work, this functioning product will become a way for people to easily access the information they need to go places, and live their lives.


The resume sprint was one of the first experiences with Hack Reactor’s excellent outcomes team. The outcomes team works hard to take you from a great programmer, to a hirable programmer.

While at first glance,most people do not consider a resume to be worth taking multiple days of a course, but its actually quite the opposite. A resume, as I am sure most of you know, is the first thing a recruiter or hiring manager will see. What is a less common for people to understand, is much like the cover letter, you should write your resume with the position in mind.

One of the hardest parts of writing an effective resume, is not writing every accomplishment down. Every single line in your resume should announce to the reader, that you are a qualified software engineer.

While you might have had several accomplishments in your previous profession, if they do not directly show how great a programmer you are or how you are able to get things done, those achievements should be omitted.

Thanks for reading! Time for a relaxing solo week, and onward to week 8 and legacy projects!