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Hack Reactor Week 6

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Hack Reactor

Week 6 at Hack Reactor is when curriculum starts to shift from small “sprints” to the larger project phase. For the first time at Hack Reactor, we were given a React.js sprint! After the React.js sprint we had two days to create our MVP projects. At the end of the week, we had the dreaded hiring assessment.


This was probably one of my favorite sprints thus far. Using React to manage state, we created a jukebox application that leverages the SoundCloud API. Using underscore’s debounce function, when a user inputs a keyword, the user is shown 10 songs that fit the keyword.


The MVP is all about finding the right idea, with the right scope, and pushing through to deploy a minimum viable product, in just two days. I created Geotinerary using Angular, Firebase, Leaflet, and Mapbox.js. This was a very fun project that I hope to have more time to polish up.

Hiring Assessment

The hiring assessment is a 6 hour test encompassing everything the has been taught up until this point of the curriculum. While I won’t ruin any surprises for future students, I will recommend anyone who is worried about the hiring assessment to review previous self assessments up until this point.

While this is certainly an important step in Hack Reactor, do not stress about this. Trust that Hack Reactor has prepared you for this assessment, because that was definitely the case for me.

Onward to the group project phase! Thanks for reading everyone.