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Hack Reactor Week 4

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Hack Reactor

In Hack Reactor, week 4 is a pivotal time where the training wheels start to come off. Much of the sprints until week 4 have had for the most part very structured tests that held your hand through most of the sprints. Week 4 starts to look quite different!

During week 4 we took a walk through server-side or what is also called back-end concepts. We specifically focused on using node, server side concepts such as the client-server model, and databases.


Node.js is a javascript runtime environment that allows for event-driven programming in an asynchronous environment.

Server Side Concepts

We discussed server side concepts such as the Client-Server model, background jobs, daemons, and cron tasks.


In my previous job, maintenance of databases was a large portion of my daily tasks. So for this sprint I was able to take my previous experience and learn so much more.

To take a step backwards, databases are so important because of their ability to store data persistently. Should your node server restart, without a database you can say goodbye to all that beautiful data!

On to week 5!