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Hack Reactor Week 9

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Hack Reactor

Week 9 is finished at Hack Reactor, and thesis projects are in full swing! While there aren’t many things on the schedule, thesis is all about trying to build the best product in the 3 short weeks you have dedicated to it.


To start, this is a perfect summary of life during thesis:


Have no fear, little buddy.

While building a product can feel this way sometimes, I am having an awesome time learning and problem solving to create the best app we can possibly produce.

For our thesis project, my group has decided to build upon Strava’s extensive API. We are seriously fortunate to have such a great API to leverage for our product!

With that being said, here is a little bit about Bestrida.


The name pays homage to Strava by also leaning upon it Swedish vocabulary. Strava is swedish for “to strive”, while Bestrida is swedish for “to challenge”. Which is exactly what our app does.

Bestrida will allow a user to challenge anyone they follow to a particular segment. The user will pick a person to challenge, a segment, and a date the challenge will be completed.

All of my friends are great to ride with, but like most cyclists, they are also always up for a short sprint through a well known Strava segment. This application will take your casual ride with friends to a whole new level.

That’s all for this week. Next week I will continue to describe Bestrida, and discuss topics learned along the way.