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Since My Last Hack Reactor Interview

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Hack Reactor

There are a multitude of things I have done since my last Hack Reactor interview to better prepare for the next interview.

I have continued to study the beginning of Eloquent JavaScript (especially rereading Chapter 5).

I changed over my Wordpress blog to Ghost! This has allowed me to learn a lot of server side linux and briefly touch on handlebars.js.

I helped my wife set up her own Ghost blog! She is starting her own online shop at Teachers Pay Teachers. Check her out at Math Snippets!

I signed up for a code school subscription. I found a deal for your first month at only 9 dollars. If you can try this out, I highly recommend the JavaScript track! This holds especially true if you only have experience with Codecademy.

I completed the optional ‘Chat Builder’ project that used to be a requirement for Hack Reactor’s application process, this allowed me to gain valuable insight in jQuery and AJAX. Check out my completed version!

I have completed various Code Wars Koans in JavaScript. I finally had an ‘ah-ha’ moment when I started using map and reduce on koans rather than setting up a for loop, where applicable.

I started to attempt to figure out the Google Maps and Places APIs. This has been really fun! Being a Geography major, I look forward to trying to wrap my head about location based services. I started off simply using a fixed location to show nearby restaurants, and I hope to get the geolocation to correctly work to show results any where in the world!

I hope this will solidify my background to finally break through. If you have been accepted into Hack Reactor, what have you done to push you over the edge?