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Hack Reactor Week 2

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Hack Reactor

Week 2 is over already, what a great time it has been! I was able to settle in this week and make progress on some awesome projects.

Inheritance Patterns

The beginning of week 2 focused on JavaScript inheritance patterns. We discussed the pros and cons of functional classes, functional-shared classes, prototypal classes, and psuedoclassical classes.


If you don’t know about this problem, check it out! It’s an especially fun logic puzzle, where you have to test for a given amount of queens, on an (n x n) chessboard, how many solutions can you find? This problem was a conglomeration of all the concepts we had previously discussed to this point. The solution involves the create of a ‘decision tree’ and anything with the word ‘tree’ in it, will certainly benefit from the use of recursion.


This has been my favorite project so far. We were tasked to create a game using d3. Coming from a previous job where visualization of data is so important, this was such a great sprint. I was able to apply my knowledge of data visualization and coordinates to create a super fun game that I really enjoyed!

Sorry these posts keep getting shorter! I’m looking forward to week 3!