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Hack Reactor Remote Prep Week 4

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Hack Reactor Remote Prep

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Just like that, the four week course is at an end. I have really enjoyed the opportunity to learn such a large amount of material in such a short time.

This has definitely been a great learning experience for me. If you are considering going to Hack Reactor, then this course will really show you what you’re getting in to. Also, if you are wondering if you can learn in the Hack Reactor Remote online class, the answer is yes!

In the last week we learned the following concepts:


We started off the week learning how to use AJAX to interact with servers behind the scenes using JavaScript without having to reload the page. This was really fun, and very powerful. We leveraged the Open Weather Map API to load local temperature information to our sites.

Higher Order Functions

This was probably the most important day of the entire class. As we worked through rewriting higher order functions like each, map, and filter, we had 1 on 1 interviews with the instructor to determine how we were doing. This was valuable feedback, and the instructor was very helpful in pointing to the next topics I should focus on.

Object Oriented Javascript

We looked in to more Object manipulation today, leveraging the object data type to structure our programs, rather than functions. We learned how to create our own methods in our own objects, and introduced decorator patterns and factory patterns code structures.

Model View Controller

We created a simple MVC using factory pattern objects to leverage the Imgur API and the SoundCloud API. This was a very rewarding project where I learned quite a bit of material using both simple and complex APIs.

Portfolio and Hiring

The last day consisted of learning a variety of ways to improve your online presence. These included tips and tricks on how to improve your Github and LinkedIn. We discussed the importance of an online portfolio site, and blogging about technical concepts. We also covered the basics on resumes, cover letters, applying for jobs, and how to prepare for interviews.

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